About the client

Simpalarm is a patented assistive technology product, designed to support independent living for older people.  It plugs into a power socket, unobtrusively monitors background activity and uses mobile technology to create a caring network of family, friends and neighbours.

About the project

The CEO James and I met a few months back with a view to improving Simpalarm’s website. The old website was using the wrong branding (which changed close to that time), needed improvements in content and some design elements. The old website wasn’t integrated with a content management system, I suggested to James that an integration with WordPress (a world-class content management system) would enable James and his team to make most of the content changes themselves, giving the team much more flexibility. One of the other main improvements was the home page design, now featuring a large image of the device and a video of how to install Simpalarm. Since the website has been updated, I have also worked with the Simpalarm team to capture the product in a “real-world” example and with graphic design, notably a design for an investment application that highlights what Simpalarm is. I look forward to working with James and the team on Simpalarm going forward as it’s a great product and there will be scope for a project in developing the user dashboard that displays the data from Simpalarm.

“How to install Simpalarm” video that I produced with the team.