About the client

Simpalarm is a patented assistive technology product, designed to support independent living for older people.  It plugs into a power socket, unobtrusively monitors background activity and uses mobile technology to create a caring network of family, friends and neighbours.

About the project

The CEO James and I met a few months back with a view to improving Simpalarm’s website. The old website was using the wrong branding (which changed close to that time), needed improvements in content and some design elements. The old website wasn’t integrated with a content management system, I suggested to James that an integration with WordPress (a world-class content management system) would enable James and his team to make most of the content changes themselves, giving the team much more flexibility. One of the other main improvements was the home page design, now featuring a large image of the device and a video of how to install Simpalarm. Since the website has been updated, I have also worked with the Simpalarm team to capture the product in a “real-world” example and with graphic design, notably a design for an investment application that highlights what Simpalarm is. I look forward to working with James and the team on Simpalarm going forward as it’s a great product and there will be scope for a project in developing the user dashboard that displays the data from Simpalarm.

“How to install Simpalarm” video that I produced with the team.

Bellissima Health & Beauty Clinic

About the client

Nestled in the countryside village of Langford, 12 miles from Bristol, Bellissima offers tranquil & beautiful surroundings to relax during your treatment.

About the project

I met up with Chantelle to discuss the design of various print marketing for her clinic. After some discussion, Chantelle mentioned that most clients when they visit the clinic are amazed by how big it really is. I recommended we based the designs around the photos of her clinic and that it would be best to get some professional looking photos to truly advertise just how much space she has, and how great it looks. The gallery is the result of this.

Leaflet 1

Leaflet 2

Leaflet 3

Acton Aid

About the client

Acton Aid was formed 40 years ago when a group of men living in Iron Acton decided to set up an informal organisation to organise events in Iron Acton for the benefit of local villagers with surplus funds helping good causes in the local community.

About the project

Acton Aid came to me looking for a system and website that would streamline how they currently sell and manage the ticketing for their events that they run throughout the year. They also needed flyers, correx boards and banners designed to advertise two of their best sellers, Proms in the Meadows and Mash in the Meadows.

I began my research to find a solution for their website and soon found that the best solution to solve the problem would be to power the website with WordPress and then use a ticketing system called “Event Espresso”. This enabled Acton Aid to sell tickets online and then manage any aspect of ticketing for an event within a user-friendly system (view transactions, total registrations, build a database of customers, etc). The system was setup by myself and required custom development to work for Acton Aid’s needs, for example the printable tickets were custom designed to include sponsors branding to improve their return on investment. I also provided training to the members, ensuring they were well up to standard with the system and were prepared to use the barcode scanning facilities included with the system on the day of an event.

The website encompassed a trendy flat design style with a clear navgiation and an easy to read font to enable a wide audience to have a good experience. The design is also fully responsive, enabling customers to visit the website on literally any device.