Making it ‘aDoddle’ for you to find help, give help or get connected locally.

Where do I start?! A project I have been working on for a number of years very closely with the brain behind the idea, Jaki King. She’s a great human being and is creating aDoddle to make a difference in communities. The essence of the idea is to make it as easy for everyone to find help and support locally as it is to find a hotel or restaurant on Google Maps. There’s so much more to the projects and the possibilities are endless with aDoddle in the way that it can make a difference. Find out more about aDoddle.

Currently the main focus for the website is to make it easy for charitable organisations to add themselves to the map (as a project) then be able to manage and customise their project with ease.

The whole website has been built from the ground up in my own spare time using my whole skillset based on Larvel and has undergone significant development since the inception of the Beta version. There’s still lots of work to do but here is some of the key developments that I have made.

The project creation form, making it super simple to get a project on the map with a four step process. A key element to the success of this page (based on feedback) is the carousel of live project logos already on the map.

A sneak preview of a project’s editor. Making it really simple to fully complete a project. The completion progress checker has helped to increase the number of comprehensive projects on the map making the data more useful to those that need help.

Projects have the ability to make their project’s profile unique to them. By adding brand colours, featured imagery and other options.